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On March 11, 2011 Japan was hit with one of the world’s most devastating natural disasters, a level 9 on the Richter scale earthquake that provoked a tsunami. But where the tragedy became even more unbearable was when the strong quake caused a nuclear energy plant to have a melt down and thus spewed tons of deadly nuclear particles in the air. While most of the RARETRUTHS members were in Japan terrified about the unknown effects and levels of the leaking nuclear particles, ironically, one of our members was on the Peace Boat filming a documentary about the Hibakushas (Atomic bomb survivors) and the devastating effects that the nuclear warfare of the Atomic bomb had on them and their family. While on the Peace Boat, not knowing about the events that were soon to come, the Hibakushas continuously expressed how urgently the government needs to get rid of nuclear energy because of the possible harmful effects. The RARETRUTHS team has one question, and that is, WHY does the only country in the world that has first hand experience with the appalling, harmful, and damaging affects of nuclear warfare have one the highest numbers of unstable nuclear energy plants in the world?

The difference between the destructive events surrounding the drop of the Atomic bomb and the moments before and after the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown is KNOWLEDGE. During the curial days following the initial meltdown, the government continuously received wrong and contradicting information from the power plant. Once the information leaving the power plant seemed to be more truthful, little did we know that we then were going to have to worry about getting the full truth from the government. Even now a year later we are finding out new information about the Fukushima power plant and the nuclear affects on us the citizens of Japan.

These sets of images illustrate what The RARETRUTHS team feels Tokyo could look like one day if the government continues to lie and hide the truth about the Fukushima power plant meltdown and the true amount radiation circulating the Japan air. In addition in a country like Japan where strong earthquakes are quite frequent, the Fukushima nuclear power plant melt down could potentially happen again. Have the government and we really learned form these events? How are we moving forward to insure this or anything like this will ever happen again?

A portion of each t-shirt sale will be donated to Peace Boat to not only raise awareness but also aid in eradicating the problems.


当時、RARETRUTHS のスタッフの多くは日本で、放射能漏れの影響や、飛散した放射能の量についての真相がつかめないことに怯えていました。その一方で、スタッフの1人は皮肉にも、ピースボートの船上で、被爆者のドキュメンタリーを制作中で、彼らや彼らの家族が原爆によって味わわされた、耐えがたい苦しみについて聞いていました。 やがて東日本大震災が起きるとも知らず、被爆者たちはピースボートの船上で、原発の潜在的な危険性ゆえに、脱原発を選択することが日本政府にとっていかに急務であるかを切々と訴えていました。

RARETRUTHS のスタッフには、どうしても分からないことが1つあります。それは核戦争によって、恐ろしく有害で破壊的な放射能の影響を、じかに味わった唯一の国である日本に、なぜ世界でもっとも多くの不安定な原発が存在するのかということです。



これらの写真は、政府が福島第一原発のメルトダウンの状況についてウソをつき続け、日本の空を浮遊する放射能の量についての真実を隠し続ければ、東京はやがてこのようになるというRARETRUTHS の予想図です。



As of 2006 Japan has had the 9th highest suicide rate in the world. This alone is a serious problem, but in recent years it has become even more of an issue. The Japanese population, especially the working class , has been in a serious decline in the past few years. While this issue has plagued the Japanese society for the past decade or so, while living here in Japan suicide has affected the RARETRUTHS team on a very personal level as well. A close friend of ours father jumped in front of a train one day and took his own life with no notice. We all witness the pain and the hardship the family went through, it was devastating. An even closer incident happened a few years ago when a friend of the team called one of the members to say goodbye as he was taking over 100 sleeping pills. Fortunately a few members of the team rushed to his house and took him to the hospital just in time. These events have made our team’s passion in working towards finding a way to decline the rate of suicide through our art and awareness of the issue grow stronger.

While brainstorming ways to create a piece on prevention of suicide the team came across a dead shark laying out on display in front of a sushi restaurant on top of cardboard box with no care. In that moment the team realized it is not just the decline in the Japanese race that is an issue but it is also an issue among the shark species. After doing more research we discovered how 30 percent of the shark species are nearing extinction and the rate is continuously growing. One of the leading concerns is the fishing of sharks done strictly for shark fin stew in Asian, but especially Japan. Fisherman catch the shark, remove their fins, and throw them back in the ocean, with no remorse thinking they haven’t killed the shark thus there is no issue. In reality this troubling mistreatment of the sharks is one of the leading causes of shark death. The overfishing and mistreatment of sharks just for a delicacy stew must end and must end soon.

On February 18th the RARETRUTHS team tied up a dead and gutted shark, found at a local sushi restaurant, and hung it from the famous Yoyogi park graffiti wall’s balcony. The RARETRUTHS team wanted to illustrate the correlation between the fast approaching extinction of the shark species due to the over fishing and mistreatment of sharks by Asian “shark fin stew” fishermen and; the unfortunate equally as high rate of suicide amongst the Japanese people.

Both of these rates are increasing at a shocking pace, and must be slowed down immediately.
Once done with the shoot the RARETRUTHS team could not properly dispose of the shark during that time due to its immense size and late hour and planned on returning the next day to retrieve the shark. Before the team was able to the police and the international media discovered the shark and thus appeared in articles and on news segments worldwide.


A portion of each t-shirt sale will be donated to Tokyo Inochino Denwa and The PEW Charitable Trusts to not only raise awareness but also aid in eradicating the problems.















There is an estimated 5,000 homeless citizens currently living in Tokyo alone, and 24,000 in Japan. The reasons why they have lost their homes vary; from broken families, to the aftermath of the 1990s Japan financial crisis, to gambling all their savings away. The pressure put on married men to support their families has been know to push them to do nonsensical things with their savings to quickly double it and some how secure their funds. This has almost always backfired and leaves them with nothing, and thus forcing them and their families out of their houses and on to the streets. The RARETRUTHS team became interested in dedicating a piece to the homeless because a member of our team is a recovering gambling addict. During the period of time when our team member began to lose control with his gambling habits he started to lose everything. He stole from his friends, worked just to make money to gamble and then finally stole from his family. Ironically the only reason why he is not currently among the 5000 homeless citizens on the street is because his family was there to support him in curbing his habit. Today he is a completely different person but he will never forget how close he was to becoming one of the 5000 citizens that currently live on the streets of Tokyo. The RARETRUTHS teams asks you as citizens of Tokyo and Japan to not just walk by a homeless person with no care, and to think about how hard their day-to-day life is compared to yours.

A Portion of each t-shirt sale Will be Donated to Sanyukai to not only raise Awareness Eradicating the problems but Also in aid.

The footage was taken on 2004.

現在、路上生活者の数は、東京だけで約5,000人、日本全国で2万4,000人にの ぼると言われています。彼らが住む家を失った理由はさまざまです。離婚が原 因だったり、90年代のバブル崩壊の影響だったり、賭け事で貯金を使い果たし たことが原因だったりする場合もあります。家族を養わねばならない。この重圧が、大黒柱である男性に、手っ取り早く貯金を増やしたいという気持ちにさ せ、常識では考えられない行動を起こさせます。しかし、そうした行動は必ずと言っていいほど裏目に出てしまい、全財産を失った挙げ句に家を失い、家族 が路頭に迷うことにもなりかねません。

RARETRUTHSのスタッフの中に、ギャンブル依存症から立ち直りつつあるス タッフがいます。そこで、僕たちは路上生活者に捧げる作品を作ろうと考えました。ギャンブル依存症だったそのスタッフは、ギャンブル癖が手に負えな いところまでくると、人の信頼や友人、あらゆるものを失うようになりました。友人からお金を盗んだり、賭け金を稼ぐためだけに働いたり、最後には家 族から金を盗むまでになってしまったためです。皮肉にも、彼が今、5,000人の路上生活者の仲間入りをしていないただ一つの理由は、彼が依存症から抜 け出せるよう、家族が養ってくれているからです。彼は今、別人のように生まれ変わり、自分が東京の路上生活者5,000人の1人に加わる一歩手前までいった ことを、胸に刻んで生きています。日本に、そして東京に暮らす住民として、RARETRUTHSのスタッフはこう願っています。どうか路上生活者を見かけた ら、温かい目で見つめてほしいと。そして彼らの日々の生活が、みなさんと比べてどれだけつらいものかと考えてみてほしいのです。